Centre County, Pennsylvania Trails

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Centre County, Pennsylvania
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Trail Name and Activity Type
Bartley Trail
Bear Run Trail
Bear Trail
BicyclePA Route G
 Mountain Biking
BicyclePA Route V
Mountain Biking 
Big Sandy Trail
Black Bear Trail
Black Gap Trail
Bloom Draft Trail
Bougher Run Trail
Brush Hollow Trail
Campfield Trail
Crabapple Path
Crownover Trail
Dead Horse Trail
Deaf Run Trail
Decker Path
Douty Mill Trail
Dry Hollow Trail
Dug Road Trail
Dug Trail
Fallen Timber Trail
Fields Run Trail
Fredricks Trail
Frenchman Trail
Grass Mountain Trail
Green Gap Trail
Green Hollow Trail
Ground Oak Trail
Haines Path
Hall Trail
Har Brac Trail
Heintz Trail
Hessick Trail
Hough Mountain Trail
Indian Steps Trail
Indian Trail
J U Hollow Trail
Kemmerer Trail
Kepler Trail
Kerstetter Path
Kesseler Trail
Kettle Trail
Kyler Trail
Libby Trail
Lick Hollow Trail
Lingle Trail
Little Bear Trail
Little Poe Trail
Loggers Path
Lonely Trail
Mags Path
Marsh Creek Trail
Martin Hollow Trail
McKinney Trail
North Run Trail
Old Huckleberry Trail
Old Tar Trail
Oley Camp Trail
Packer Trail
Panther Hollow Trail
Panther Run Trail
Perry Trail
Rainbow Trail
Rattlesnake Trail
Reichley Trail
Ripka Trail
Rock Hollow Trail
Rock Knob Trail
Rock Run Trail
Salt Lick Trail
Sand Hollow Fire Trail
Sand Hollow Trail
Sand Rock Trail
Schade Trail
Schwenks Gap Trail
Sharpback Trail
Sheller Shanty Trail
Shingle Path Trail
Short Trail
Sinking Creek Trail
Slide Hollow Trail
Smays Trail
Smith Trail
Spruce Run Trail
Stavefield Trail
Summit Trail
Tar Pit Trail
Three Hills Trail
Tower Trail
Trapping Hollow Trail
Turkey Trail
Tussey Mountain Trail
Underwood Trail
White Deer Creek Trail
Wolf Branch Trail
Wolf Run Trail
Wolf Trail
Yankee Run Trail
Yost Run Trail

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