Clinton County, Pennsylvania Trails

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Clinton County, Pennsylvania
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Trail Name and Activity Type
Amos Branch Trail
Amos Ridge Trail
Ash Hollow Trail
Baker Run Trail
Baldwin Point Trail
Bear Pen Hollow Trail
Bear Trail
Bechtel Trail
Beechwood Trail
Beer Hollow Trail
Benson Trail
BicyclePA Route G
 Mountain Biking
Big Boyer Trail
Big Mountain Trail
Big Ridge Trail
Boiler Run Trail
Boiler Trail
Boone Road Trail
Boundary Line Trail
Boyer Trail
Brink Hollow Trail
Buckhorn Trail
Bucks Gap Trail
Butler Trail
Caldwell Run Trail
Camp Trail
Cannon Hole Trail
Chicken Farm Trail
Chuck Keiper Trail
Cold Fork Trail
Commissioner Run Trail
Cooks Run Trail
Coon Run Trail
County Line Trail
Cowlick Trail
Crowley Trail
Cut Off Trail
Dark Hollow Trail
Daugherty Hollow Trail
Daugherty Trail
David Farm Trail
Drake Hollow Trail
Drury Ridge Trail
Dry Hollow Trail
Dug Road Trail
Dutchmans Trail
Eagleton Run Trail
East End Trail
Eddy Lick Trail
Elk Hollow Trail
Eravel Trail
Erron Trail
Ferney Run Trail
Fish Dam Trail
Flat Ridge Trail
Fork Hill Trail
Four Ridge Trail
Fye Camp Trail
Game Refuge Trail
Gardner Trail
Ginseng Hollow Trail
Goldenrod Trail
Gravel Lick Trail
Green Run Trail
Grove Run Trail
Gruger Hollow Trail
Hendricks Trail
Holland Run Trail
Huling Ridge Trail
Hyner View Trail
J U Branch Trail
Jews Run Jeep Trail
Johnson Ferney Trail
Jordan Hollow Trail
Juneberry Trail
Kammerdiner Cross Line Trail
Kelly Trail
Kellys Field Trail
Kettle Trail
King Hollow Trail
Kissel Trail
Kyler Trail
Laurelly Hill Trail
Lee Hollow Trail
Left Branch Trail
Left Fork Trail
Lerch Trail
Lick Run Trail
Little Boyer Mill Trail
Little Boyer Trail
Little Buckhorn Trail
Little Gap Trail
Little McCloskey Trail
Log Hollow Trail
Long Fork Trail
Long Hollow Trail
Long Trail
Lookout Trail
Marsh Hollow Trail
McCloskey Trail
McClure Ridge Trail
Meixell Trail
Mill Hollow Trail
Miller Trail
Mitchell Trail
Mix Hollow Trail
Morgan Hollow Trail
Morris Run Trail
Mudlick Trail
Nelson Trail
Nittany Mountain Trail
North Fork Trail
Oak Ridge Trail
Owl Hollow Trail
Oxbow Hollow Trail
Panther Trail
Park Line Trail
Parker Shanty Trail
Patchell Trail
Pfoutz Valley Trail
Pine Hollow Trail
Pitch Pine Trail
Plantation Trail
Puncheon Run Trail
Rands Hole Trail
Rattlesnake Trail
Reeder Trail
Refuge Trail
River Hollow Trail
Robins Ridge Trail
Rock Hollow Trail
Rock Run Trail
Round Island Run Trail
Sandy Ridge Trail
Sandy Trail
Savage Trail
Schroyer Trail
Shaney Brook Trail
Sheap Trap Trail
Shingle Mill Hollow Trail
Shintown Run Trail
Shoemaker Trail
Sinking Spring Trail
Slaughtering Ground Trail
Slide Hollow Trail
Smeltz Pond Trail
Smiths Run Trail
Smokehouse Hollow Trail
Snead Hol Trail
Stamm Trail
Stible Hole Trail
Stout Hollow Trail
Swamp Branch Trail
Swamp Trail
Teats Run Trail
Tempsmith Trail
Three Ridge Trail
Threepoint Hollow Trail
Trout Run Ridge Trail
Tub Trail
Turnippatch Trail
Twin Springs Trail
Van Ripper Trail
Walker Trail
Walters Run Trail
Water Trough Trail
Weaver Trail
West Branch Lick Run Trail
Wet Rock Trail
Whetham Tower Trail
Wideview Trail
Wildcat Trail
Winter Trail

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