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Youghiogheny River Trail
a.k.a Yough River Trail

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Trail Description

Yourghiogheny River Trail

The Youghiogheny River Trail is a non-motorized multi-use rail trail that stretches 71 miles (114 km) between McKeesport, PA and Confluence, PA. It is part of the Great Allegheny Passage that will one day allow cyclist to bike from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, D.C.

The north section of the trail runs 43 miles (69 km) between McKeesport and Connellsville, PA, and the south section runs 28 miles (45 km) between Connellsville and Confluence.

It is named after and runs along the Youghiogheny River. The trail surface is composed of crushed limestone.

Along the trail are scenic points and fishing opportunities. The route forms a part of BicyclePA Route S.

Access Areas

There are 9 access areas on the Youghiogheny River Trail, all are free of charge, only the Cedar Creek Access Area offers secure overnight parking.

Access Area Name Town Name Amenities/Information
McKeesport McKeesport, PA  
Boston Elizabeth Township, PA Parking for 100 vehicles, sanitary toilets, and drinking water
Buena Vista Elizabeth Township, PA Parking for 16 vehicles, sanitary toilets, picnic pavilion, cooking grill, and boat launch
Sutersville Sutersville, PA Parking for 32 vehicles, sanitary toilets
West Newton West Newton, PA Parking for 44 cars, sanitary toilets, visitor center, drinking water, bike racks
Cedar Creek Park Rostraver Township, PA Parking for 150 cars, sanitary toilets, bike rentals, food concession
Smithton South Huntingdon Township, PA  
Whitsett Perry Township, Fayette County, PA Parking for several cars, sanitary toilets
Connellsville Connellsville, PA Parking for several cars, sanitary toilets, drinking water

Overnight Use

Youghiogheny River Trail

Overnight use on the YRT is restricted to designated campgrounds, these are free-of-charge and can be only one (1) night. All designated campgrounds are equipped with a sanitary toilet (SST), fire grates, and designated tent pads.

Camping Areas are as follows:

  • Dravo's Landing Campground - located six miles south of Boston Access Area and one-and-one-half miles north of the Buena Vista Access Area. This campground has a drinking water supply via a well, that is safe for drinking purposes. Several Boy Scout Groups constructed the area as their Eagle Scout projects.
  • Cedar Creek Trekker Campground - is located at the southernmost end of Cedar Creek Park in Westmoreland County. This area also has a piped water supply.
  • Round Bottom Campground - is located 2.5 miles south of the Layton Tunnel and 5 miles north of the Dickerson Run Yard. There is presently no water supply at this location.

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